"Belligerent" The Official Video from the EP "BELLIGERENT



Somewhere in Malmo there is a place where the air reeks of static and the night sky casts a balmy glow. The youths are impertinent and cagey a rare breed born of indifference and cynicism. The authorities do their level best to curb the appetite of such beasts but where boredom and apathy lay the Devil is sure to follow.

bel?lig?er?ent - Pronunciation: \-r?nt\ Function: adjective
Etymology: modification of Latin belligerant-, belligerans, present participle of belligerare to wage war, from belliger waging war, from bellum + gerere to wage
Date: 1577


Gave my heart to a vegetarian and said eat it before it gets cold.
Her manners were quite good she carved it up and then turned up
her nose. I'm sitting in front of this photoplay trying to think of
something clever, but the stink of desperation clings to my pink
sweater. There's worms in my guts and this nausea knows no
You push & we'll push back now...
You push & we'll push back now...
The wool over my eyes has me shit starved and poor.
The cotton in my head might cushion all the blows of the hooks
and crosses life throws. But muted senses makes a man witless,
doves set fire to my skull, burn what's left and pray for rain and
hope to wash it clean again.
You push & we'll push back now...
Giants still roam the earth and they leave impressions ocean size.
I wade in the water and do my best just to survive.
But the shores a distant dream...
and it's become clear to me that my dreams don't mean anything.
You push & we'll push back now...
You push & we'll push back now...


from BELLIGERENT, released March 31, 2011

Directed by: Sir. Meeto Worre Kronborg Grevsen
Second Camera: Kasper Baatrup
BAND: Colonel Taz, Sandman, The Slick City Kid and Angeryman

Special Thanks to:

* The Amazing Knicker Kittens Burlesque Revue

* Anders Graver

* Andreas Ingefjord all the members of the Carnevalesque group

* The Malmo Police

* Ozan Sunar, Albin Balthasar, Uli Ruchlinski, Jeanette Schjerva, Luisa Carbonelli and the crew of the Moriska Paviljongen

* And all in attendance


all rights reserved



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