Light the heart that's empty. Happy as a fool in the
Kiss the ring that holds you in a subservient position.
Demonize our passions...Walk in a land mine of
Ritualize confusion, Conquer by any means...
Jesus, what is wrong with my faith? He came here
to save us. We exploit the name....
Jesus, what is wrong with my faith? He came here
to save us. We exploit the name....
We will never learn when will we see....
We lie awake, We fall deceit.
We follow desires of those who are week.
I have seen the bloody cross, marching on with brutal
force... It's not for love this world we make, broken
bones lie in the wake. Do you recall the recent past,
those opposed would take the lash...
Enlightenment has been replaced by "Entitlement" and
blind FAITH....
Precious time unfolding, collapsing-present , futurepast.
Mind controlling... as WE are loosing our grasp.
Micro-cosmic cycles denote the absence of Song...
Like a child, with out a sole...
Can you sense that something is wrong....
You sense that something is wrong.


from the SOAP BOX Ep, released March 3, 2009
Matthais Klein – drums, Justin Moses Gunn – guitar, Eske Nørrelykke - bass, Laura Marlene Diestel – violin, Stine Ea Arbo Nommesen – vocals, Jan Andersen, Claudius – vocals.
Produced by: ANGERYMAN, Recorded at GRANNY STUDIOS by Peter Forsberg Mastered by Thomas Peter Wind @ Masterbox


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REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. Copenhagen, Denmark

Primitive & grounded, folk-tales connect seemingly disparate genres into a single curbstone philosophy “SOAP BOX MUSIC”. Converging African polyrhythms with punk-rock dissonance. Combining swing, rock-steady and rhythm & blues… Sarcastic and sentimental; Agitated and serene, they are a throwback to the Negro spirituals and the American folk tradition. ... more

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